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Your site is so great, it makes researching the business sooo much easier having all the info in one place! thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Amada, aspiring actress, Sydney, Australia


Hi Tony!
Most people don’t even take the time to tell a person how to reach their goal. I want to thank you for everything and for responding to my messages. Sometimes I just test people to see if they really care about my career and you do. You can continue to send me some tips on how I can accomplish my goals, because you inspire me a lot. Thank you for caring.
Jeffrey, Dallas, TX


Hi Tony!
Just wanted to say that this site is FANTASTIC! It's helped me quite a bit and it's now my #1 bookmarked item, which means I'm going to be visiting here regularly :) Thanks again,
Rob, aspiring actor, Canada


I absolutely love your site - it's SOOOO helpful and very impressive!
I am a frequent visitor and have signed up for the newsletter, plus I think it's so good I have recommended it to all my acting friends! Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!
Mischa, UK


Wow Tony! I would just like to comment on how much you have affected my life.
First of all, any questions I have are answered extremely fast, and not only that, you give me a very helpful answer every time. Also, by reading your newsletters, I obtain just the right information that I need to succeed in the acting business. I am so happy I discovered your site, and I hope you know how much we actors appreciate you. Thanks again, and I can't wait to read your next newsletter!
Laura Doukas, Actress


I did what you said and…I got two interviews with two agents! Thank you! Sorry but can I ask you…how do I prepare to go meet the agent? What do I have to do?
Marsha P., New York, NY, USA


This site has taught me a lot that I needed to know without dragging me all over the place.
Lauren, actress, Atlanta, GA

Acting Audition Tips

These acting audition tips, once again are based on my personal experience. I was actually inspired to create this page after being asked a question by an actor, which was:

”How many auditions is it normal to go on without being called back?”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he asked that question. As you know, rejection is part of the game and you definitely need thick skin. I’d like to share with you some tips about what I do and what has been working well for me when I’m in my acting mode.

Acting Audition Tip: Think About What You Are Doing

I heard a saying some years ago that I never forgot, which is possible that you have also heard as it is not new. It is the definition of insanity: Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

Acting Audition Tip: Ask Yourself Why?

I remember a period some time ago, when I went to 12 auditions without a callback. When I told my actor friends about it, they told me that 12 auditions without a callback was nothing. They told me that there are actors who go through two or three times that many auditions without a callback. I told them that I really didn't care about the others. I want results!!!

Acting Audition Tip: Switch Into The Analysis Mode

So, I fell back on what I had learned in many years of corporate life. I started to analyze my results. This is so important that I actually included this section in my book. I think actors need to be good at analysis.

Acting Audition Tip: Keep Track Of Your Auditions

First of all, I used an audition log book, I wrote down everything that I can remember about the audition and I mean everything: where it was, what part I had to play, what I had to read, for whom, what I had to wear, what time it was, how long it lasted, who was in the room, what their names were, the atmosphere and anything else I can remember. I wrote everything down that I know before the audition and then write down my impressions immediately afterwards. I keep track of all my auditions in this way.

Then I created a chart with submissions, (which you can find in my book Acting Career Start-Up: Four Key Factors For Success) where they came from, how many of those submission became auditions, how many auditions became callbacks, how many callbacks became on-holds or first refusals and how many of those became jobs. That section of that book is also one of the bonuses of my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. It is such valuable information for someone just starting out!

Once you have a pretty good sampling and you analyze them well, you can start to see trends. You MUST figure out what's working well and what's not. Are you getting to your auditions in time to get dressed, read through the copy and be relaxed before you go in to audition? Do you read well? Do you interact with other scene partners well? ARE YOU STUDYING and have a technique? In other words are you taking classes regularly?

Acting Audition Tip: Tweak

The reason I asked that last question is because I find that there are a lot of actors who want to jump right in and audition without any training. Casting directors can see if you are a trained actor or not. And even if you think you are, maybe you're not trained enough. We MUST ALWAY CONTINUE TO TRAIN and take acting classes.. Always! If you need to intensify your technique classes, do it. Or maybe you need commercial classes or on-camera classes or hosting classes or improvisation or scene study or whatever. Figure it out and then go do it!

Acting Audition Tip: Don’t Stop Until You Get The Results You Want!

Anyway, start keeping track of your results and analyze them and see if you can see any trends of times when you get rejected. Are there any similarities to those auditions? Your preparation? Your dress? Were you all sweaty and a shambles when you arrived? Were you late? Was your performance poor? If so, why? Why weren't you ready? Why wasn't it good? If there is something wrong, you have to be able to figure out what it is and fix it! If you can't do that on your own or find objective critique from someone who knows your work, then you will have a difficult time in this industry. That is crucial!

During that period that I referred to, I figured things out. I changed my headshots and immediately starting getting more auditions from my submissions. With regard to the auditions themselves, I applied some things that I had learned in some classes and they started to work! I started to get to my auditions a half hour earlier when it was possible, get dressed (in this summer heat, I always take a change of clothes, so I'm fresh), put some make up on around my eyes, get the copy, read it through a lot of times until I know it and then when I go in, I just feel so much more confident and ready. Once I did that, I started getting more jobs and callbacks. My confidence was back. And all the while I was enrolled in acting classes; technique, scene study and improvisation. I never stop analyzing what I'm doing. This is important and you would be surprised at how many actors just don't do it. It doesn't even cross their minds. The end result? They keep doing the same things over and over again, don't get good results and they don't even know why.

You must learn how to analyze your acting audition results. Because one thing is for sure. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting, so make a change for the better! Figure it out! Don't let them beat you!!!!

Go check out this page about what you can expect in an acting audition.


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