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Your site is so great, it makes researching the business sooo much easier having all the info in one place! thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Amada, aspiring actress, Sydney, Australia


Hi Tony!
Most people don’t even take the time to tell a person how to reach their goal. I want to thank you for everything and for responding to my messages. Sometimes I just test people to see if they really care about my career and you do. You can continue to send me some tips on how I can accomplish my goals, because you inspire me a lot. Thank you for caring.
Jeffrey, Dallas, TX


Hi Tony!
Just wanted to say that this site is FANTASTIC! It's helped me quite a bit and it's now my #1 bookmarked item, which means I'm going to be visiting here regularly :) Thanks again,
Rob, aspiring actor, Canada


I absolutely love your site - it's SOOOO helpful and very impressive!
I am a frequent visitor and have signed up for the newsletter, plus I think it's so good I have recommended it to all my acting friends! Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!
Mischa, UK


Wow Tony! I would just like to comment on how much you have affected my life.
First of all, any questions I have are answered extremely fast, and not only that, you give me a very helpful answer every time. Also, by reading your newsletters, I obtain just the right information that I need to succeed in the acting business. I am so happy I discovered your site, and I hope you know how much we actors appreciate you. Thanks again, and I can't wait to read your next newsletter!
Laura Doukas, Actress


I did what you said and…I got two interviews with two agents! Thank you! Sorry but can I ask you…how do I prepare to go meet the agent? What do I have to do?
Marsha P., New York, NY, USA


This site has taught me a lot that I needed to know without dragging me all over the place.
Lauren, actress, Atlanta, GA

Why some actors get called back
and others don't
Interview with Personal Manager Ingrid French Part 5/20

In part 4 of this interview, Ingrid talked about whether or not actors should use props during their audition monologues with her.

Tony: You’ve been in the business now for eleven years, so I would imagine that you must now be pretty good at avoiding that second interview or that call back when you realize that the actor just isn’t good enough or that they aren’t a good fit for you. Correct?

Ingrid: If I don’t think the person is ready or if I don’t think that I am the right person to help them, then I let them know that. Or it could be that I feel that we are not the right fit for each other or maybe I already have someone I’m working with who is so similar to them that it wouldn’t make sense to start a new relationship with them. Sometimes I might meet someone who is really great, but I might already have a few or several actors of that type already, so I let them know that it would be a waste of their time for me to take them in. I would much rather tell the person that I already have someone who is similar in terms of type. As an actress, I would never want to be taken on by an office I know has several or many actors that are like me, because the chances of me then getting sent out on auditions are drastically decreased. On the other hand if you are one of only a few of the actors that an agency has of a particular type, then you will have a better chance of being sent out on more auditions that you are right for.

Tony: Is that because you as a personal manager can only send a certain number of people to an acting audition? In other words you are not allowed to send an infinite number of actors to any given audition. Is that correct?

Ingrid: Yes that’s true. Each agent and manager has a limited number of actors they can send out to an audition. But there is another side to this as well. Let’s say you have two spots for a particular audition and you have four actors who could possibly be right for it, you don’t want to have to choose which ones should go. It’s kind of like choosing between your children. How do you do that?

One Of The Biggest Acting Interview Mistakes

Tony: What are some of the mistakes you see people make when they come in to interview or audition with you?

Ingrid: Well, it’s quite like a job interview. What you don’t want to do as an actor is come into an interview with an agent or manager with a negative tone. Sometimes I meet people and the first things out of their mouth is about bad experiences they have had with other agents they’ve been with. Or they might tell you how that they have been working so hard, but that nothing is happening for them. Starting off an interview with a negative tone is not a good way to approach it. Even if you have been auditioning for a while and not booked anything, that’s not something you need to emphasize. You should always try and be positive. It’s better to talk positively about the fact that you have had a lot of audition possibilities, instead of saying that I’ve auditioned a lot, but nothing is happening. Some people just don’t realize that it’s better to be positive, because that makes a better impression. Just like in any encounter, meeting or interview, that will affect how I view that person.

Tony: Is it necessary for the person you are interviewing to bring up those bad experiences and if so, how does one talk about them without coming across as negative?

Ingrid: I feel like even if you have had bad representation or representation you didn’t like or that wasn’t successful for you, it’s kind of like having gone on a bad date or talking about your ex, you don’t want to do that with your new person. It’s better to just say that you’re looking for new representation or that you are looking for a change, which is perfectly ok.

If you are looking for representation for the first time and since you the actor are asking me to take a chance on you, a great way to approach that meeting is to talk about what you have been doing for yourself as far as promotion or jobs that you have done or whatever. That shows me then how proactive you have been and that now you might be ready to have someone represent you and help you take everything that you have been doing to the next level.

In part 6 of this interview with Ingrid French she talks about what to do if your agent isn’t getting you auditions. Stay tuned.

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