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how kids make money


Your site is so great, it makes researching the business sooo much easier having all the info in one place! thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Amada, aspiring actress, Sydney, Australia


Hi Tony!
Most people don’t even take the time to tell a person how to reach their goal. I want to thank you for everything and for responding to my messages. Sometimes I just test people to see if they really care about my career and you do. You can continue to send me some tips on how I can accomplish my goals, because you inspire me a lot. Thank you for caring.
Jeffrey, Dallas, TX


Hi Tony!
Just wanted to say that this site is FANTASTIC! It's helped me quite a bit and it's now my #1 bookmarked item, which means I'm going to be visiting here regularly :) Thanks again,
Rob, aspiring actor, Canada


I absolutely love your site - it's SOOOO helpful and very impressive!
I am a frequent visitor and have signed up for the newsletter, plus I think it's so good I have recommended it to all my acting friends! Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!
Mischa, UK


Wow Tony! I would just like to comment on how much you have affected my life.
First of all, any questions I have are answered extremely fast, and not only that, you give me a very helpful answer every time. Also, by reading your newsletters, I obtain just the right information that I need to succeed in the acting business. I am so happy I discovered your site, and I hope you know how much we actors appreciate you. Thanks again, and I can't wait to read your next newsletter!
Laura Doukas, Actress


I did what you said and…I got two interviews with two agents! Thank you! Sorry but can I ask you…how do I prepare to go meet the agent? What do I have to do?
Marsha P., New York, NY, USA


This site has taught me a lot that I needed to know without dragging me all over the place.
Lauren, actress, Atlanta, GA

Money Making Opportunities
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Tremendous Money Making Opportunities

You could take that a step further by getting your fair share of an ever-growing trend on the world wide web by becoming an infopreneur. Taking that same concept above, it’s possible to develop an informational product such as an ebook, a report, a manual, instructional booklet, leaflet or anything that would enable you to share your valuable information for a targeted group of people. Once you have your content, you could build a website and draw traffic to it and thus to the product that you would sell on-line. This information selling on the internet is estimated to be at $80 billion and steadily growing. The great thing about it is that once you set it up and create your site, that it will then require updating and the creation of new content from time to time, but you can do it on your own time and basically decide to make as much money as you want…to fund your craft! It provides a great money making opportunity!

Create a Money Making Opportunity Using What You Know

A guy I met in NY named Tyrone Jackson helps people figure that out and put together a small business model that can help actors make money on their own schedule, working part-time, by sharing the information they have at their disposal. He is a former actor who recognizes the difficulties that actors have with money and wants to lend a hand.

Thinking about using the resources you already have to make money, the personal training business offers a great source of income as well as the flexibility you need to concentrate on your acting career. If you are athletic, like working out, like teaching and helping people to achieve their fitness goals, then this could be something to think about. David Schwantes shows how in the guide on his website.

How I started

When I first became interested in internet marketing about a year and a half ago, I was terrified at the thought of creating/building a website. I thought it must be difficult and complicated, especially when I heard terms like seo, which stands for search engine optimisation, meta tags, html codes, java script, conversion rates and so on. I was clueless and you know what? It’s not like I’m the computer geek today who knows everything about those terms. I’m still pretty ignorant, but yet I built this and other websites. SBI! Site Build It! is just one of many companies there are today on the internet that help people build websites, through a step by step process. I personally know them and used their product to create this website. It took me two weeks, but I did it and was guided every step of the way with videos, audio, documents, forums of others who were building sites at the same time or who already had. Click here to see more of my online story and some great step-by-step videos too!

The fundamental basics of communication

There’s something you need to know about communication in general and then you need to know how that relates to money making opportunities. Each human being has his own preferred way of receiving and processing information. Some people like for example to receive big chunks of information while others are more detail-oriented.

On another vein, some people are very much oriented towards a final result of whatever it is they’re engaged in and are less concerned with the ‘how’ the result is achieved. For these folks, as long as they get the result, they don’t really care how it happens. The flipside of that coin is that there are people who care a great deal about the ‘how’. This would be a process-oriented person. You can assure him that they can achieve a certain result and while they might be happy about that, they will still want to know the details about how that result will be reached. An example of this kind of person is me.

When it came to thinking about different money making opportunities to fund my acting pursuits, I am definitely the process-oriented person. I need to know how it's going to happen. As a matter of fact I wrote an article for an ezine (online magazine) entitled. "Stop Telling Me How To Make Money and Show Me!"

Build a website that offers good, solid content to a targeted audience and through which you can make some money.

That’s why I’ve created all this information for you in the way that I have. It’s detailed. I try and do things step-by-step. That’s the way I like to learn things and that’s why I chose to build this particular site, my latest one with SBI!. The process is so incredibly easy. Without knowing any of that technical stuff that I talked about earlier, you are taken by the hand so to speak and with a set of instructional online videos and a host of written support information, a very pleasant female voice walked me through the entire process of building the site, step-by-step from a-z.

She took me from understanding what I was about to do, to creating the content in the right way to be recognized by search engines and to ensuring that I will definitely get high-quality, targeted traffic, people who find me and who are interested in my content. I want to make it clear, however, that I am not talking about get rich quick schemes or multi-level marketing. Like I said, it took me about two weeks and now I have a money making opportunity online.

If you don’t have or don’t want to create your own product, you could sell someone else’s. That's called affiliate marketing, another online money making opportunity that doesn't have you worrying about writing a lot and the best thing is that you can work your own hours.

Without a product of your own, it’s possible to sell other people’s products and still make money. It’s a fascinating world. Once again, I gravitated naturally towards people who take me by the hand and guide me through a process step-by-step. Have a look at for example.

Finding people you can trust who will help

One of my biggest difficulties over this last year and a half has been finding people in the virtual internet world that are not just full of hype to try and make a buck, but who are really honest, have great products, comply with my step-by-step needs and desires and are basically people I can trust. Other than the people I mention in my book, Acting Career Start-Up and the people I mention on this website, I found another honest, hard-working, very thorough and very helpful individual and his name is Jim Daniels. Jim created two products called Make-Living-on-Line, Work From Home and Ez Web Business Builder. I have to tell you that the product of Jim's that I actually bought is Make a Living On Line and Work From Home. I've seen video clips of how the Ez Web Business Builder works, but I can't attest to it. But guess what those three products have in common? You guessed it. Step-by-step processes. That's why I like working with this guy. He's thorough and just like what I look for in my acting teachers, he cares whether or not I learn. If I learn well and apply what he teaches me, then he benefits too. He provides a ton of articles, tutorials and lots of attention to his customers. He helps his customers create recurring money making opportun ties.

One of the things I firmly believe is that often times achieving success is nothing more than modelling successful behaviour. Successful people do things that others don’t do. Like the sign in the gym of the movie “Million Dollar Baby” said, “Winners do what losers won’t.” Money making opportunities are sometimes created because we make things happen!

These are just a few of the money making opportunities that are helping me to be able to have more flexibility and allow me to concentrate a lot more on what I want to do. This page is not to sell you on anything, but rather to let you know that there are more opportunities out there than you might think. There are folks who will tell you that internet marketing doesn't work or that it's all a hype.

More Money Making Opportunities

First of all, I personally don't believe in get rich quick schemes. I do believe, however, that there are a lot of money making opportunities at our fingertips.

If you think that internet marketing doesn't work, think about this. If you think about a few casting websites that you might be familiar with, NY Castings and Explore Talent, two sites that I personally have used. Both of them have products that they are marketing through the internet. They have what you call membership websites. That means that in order to access their product, you must pay a monthly, recurring fee. That means that they have to do two very important things.

The first is that they have to provde a valuable content or product or service that their target consumer wants and needs, which they do: audition information and casting information. The second thing they have to do is to hook you into buying it once. Once they've done those two things, the rest of their job is easy. All they have to do is to continue to provide valuable content and information on a constant basis. And thus they have created themselves a fantastic money making opportunity. Recurring, residual income.

If they have say 10 thousand members who pay $12.95 per month, do the math!

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