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how kids make money


Your site is so great, it makes researching the business sooo much easier having all the info in one place! thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Amada, aspiring actress, Sydney, Australia


Hi Tony!
Most people don’t even take the time to tell a person how to reach their goal. I want to thank you for everything and for responding to my messages. Sometimes I just test people to see if they really care about my career and you do. You can continue to send me some tips on how I can accomplish my goals, because you inspire me a lot. Thank you for caring.
Jeffrey, Dallas, TX


Hi Tony!
Just wanted to say that this site is FANTASTIC! It's helped me quite a bit and it's now my #1 bookmarked item, which means I'm going to be visiting here regularly :) Thanks again,
Rob, aspiring actor, Canada


I absolutely love your site - it's SOOOO helpful and very impressive!
I am a frequent visitor and have signed up for the newsletter, plus I think it's so good I have recommended it to all my acting friends! Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!
Mischa, UK


Wow Tony! I would just like to comment on how much you have affected my life.
First of all, any questions I have are answered extremely fast, and not only that, you give me a very helpful answer every time. Also, by reading your newsletters, I obtain just the right information that I need to succeed in the acting business. I am so happy I discovered your site, and I hope you know how much we actors appreciate you. Thanks again, and I can't wait to read your next newsletter!
Laura Doukas, Actress


I did what you said and…I got two interviews with two agents! Thank you! Sorry but can I ask you…how do I prepare to go meet the agent? What do I have to do?
Marsha P., New York, NY, USA


This site has taught me a lot that I needed to know without dragging me all over the place.
Lauren, actress, Atlanta, GA

18 Shots Of Motivation For Actors

Speaking of motivation for actors, if you haven’t already read it, I would highly recommend that you read his book: Live Your Dreams! And if you ever have a chance to see the man speak, don’t miss the opportunity!

I want to share with you some of the quotes that he threw around during his speech. I will say right off that I don’t remember to whom they are all attributed.

We actors know how tough it can be sometimes to deal with rejection, to continue to work the beat at the face of adversity. We know how difficult it can be to continue to strive for our dream of having the wonderful craft of acting be part of our lives. Sometimes we need motivation. Sometimes we need to be inspired. I have been called inspiring and that makes me feel good that I can inspire people to take action, to strive for what they want and to achieve their objectives. I’m only human, and it’s nice to hear someone who also inspires me. Les Brown is one of those people.

I'm always thinking about motivation for actors and so I invite you to reflect on these quotes and to think about how they apply to your own personal situation either in your life or in your acting career. Think about what you are doing and about what you could be doing. Think about whether you are really doing everything you can to achieve the acting career success you desire?

Here they are. The stuff that motivation for actors is made of:

1. 12% of your income should go towards developing your mind.

2. Don’t judge a person by what they do. Judge them by what they do that they don’t have to do.

3. You don’t always have to wait until your ready before you start.

4. Leap first and grow your wings on the way down.

5. More people die from a doctor’s prognosis, than from the disease itself.

6. Successful people are good at building relationships.

7. Expect to be successful.

8. You can die on the bleachers or you can die on the field.

9. Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

10. In order to do something you’ve never done, you must become someone you’ve never been.

11. If there’s no enemy within, then the enemy outside can do you no harm.

12. Get excited when you hear the word ‘no’!

13. You can’t see the picture if you are in the frame.

14. If you want to get even with someone, do it by becoming massively successful.

15. Some people don’t know what they don’t know and they don’t even know it.

16. If you stay the course, eventually you will have a breakthrough.

17. Provide more service (without asking anything in return) and you will get paid.

18. People don’t live life as it is. They live life as they are.

Go get em’!

There’s always more on the subject of motivation for actors on this site if you want it! And there always will be!

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